Thursday, March 18, 2010

Create A Blog On Blogger

Hi Blogger Students,

Just thought I'd put a quick video together, pretty much in real time, to show you how easy it is to use the Internet as a space for putting your thoughts or sharing ideas and photos.

It's quick, it's easy and it's free, so give it a shot.

The two main Blog (which is short for Web Log) sites for hosting are
WordPress and Blogger. I've seen several available tutorials about setting up on WordPress,
but not on Blogger, which I kind of prefer.

Wordpress has a lot more options in its Dashboard, but Blogger is simpler to create and I like the format a little better.Besides, I wanted to try out this new Camtasia 6 video feature and see if I could film, edit and embed into a blog pretty quickly.

So, just follow the steps in the video, and I'll even put a link to the blog I'm creating, on our main blog, so you can see the instructions written down!

Yeah, it's that easy!

Step 1 - Set Up An Account
  • Go to, or search for
  • Create and Account
  • Give a name to your Blog
  • Create your own domain name
  • Fill in the fields, username, password, birthday
  • Try to figure out and spell the "captcha" correctly.
Step 2 - Pick How You Want It To Look
  • Pick a template - you can change all of this later, except the domain name.
  • Start writing, either live or write something in Word Document form or on a notepad, then copy and paste
  • Publish your Post
Step 3 - Customize Your Look
  • Customize your font
  • Customize your type size
  • Customize your titles
  • Add color
Step 4 - Add Your Own Features
  • Add gadgets for photos, videos, etc.
  • Add a Blog roll so blogs can be linked together
  • Ask people to place comments
  • Ask people to Follow your blog
Step 5 - Spread the Word
  • Copy and paste the URL and sent it to people in emails, so they know where to find it
  • Bookmark your blog location, so you can find it!

Don't be afraid to Publish what you write. The Internet is one huge warehouse full of offices full of storage rooms full of file cabinets full of drawers full of files full of pages. Your site is just a page. Nobody could find it, even if they wanted to, unless you told them exactly where to look!

Have fun and leave me a comment so I know if this tutorial video was useful.